360 Degree Feedback

The 360-degree feedback program is a bespoke and supportively confronting process that places the colleagues and the reporting team’s feedback in the middle of the leader’s agenda – it is simple, practical, positive, sustainable and transformational.

Three Days
Oxford, UK
Saudi Arabia (upon request)
Delivered by TranExec
Participant Profile
  • Mid to Senior leaders and executives through to c-suite keen to gain insight into their leadership impact.
Benefits to the Leaders
  • Deepen self awareness.
  • Understand current leadership impact on others.
  • Maximize leadership impact in future growth.
  • Leverage signature strengths understand opportunities in order to bridge the gap.
  • Self-assessment exercise and one-to-one coaching session.
Benefits to the Organization
  • A cohort of self aware and influential leaders.
  • Elevation of leadership impact on people and the organization.
  • Augment decision making and collaboration.
  • Involve the organization to drive values and leadership excellence.

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To arrange correspondence with the Program Director for more information about the program