Building Successful Teams

Building Successful Teams requires the leader to analyze and reflect on the current state of their team and their future aspirations. In this workshop, leaders will be challenged to astutely assess their team’s effectiveness through recognizing the difference between dysfunctional, functional and elite teams. The workshop focuses on the 4 pillars of successful teams by establishing the significance of having critical conversations with team members and set the stage for constructive, balanced feedback.

Two Days
Oxford, UK
Saudi Arabia (upon request)
Delivered by TranExec
Participant Profile
  • At least 3 years of people management experience.
  • Leaders/Managers leading local and/or virtual teams.
  • Leaders with small (minimum 3) or large teams.
Benefits to the Leaders
  • Understanding the mechanics of high performing teams to build them.
  • Ability to develop and move the team from current state to desired outcomes.
  • Capability to coach and develop individual team members.
  • Reduced communication barriers and increased transparency.
  • Greater proficiency in providing constructive and balanced feedback.
  • Ability to clearly manage and communicate expectations.
Benefits to the Organization
  • Focussed leaders better equipped at leading their teams towards organisational outcomes.
  • Employees driven towards increased team performance.

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