Organizational Coach Accreditation Program

Associate Certified Coach

Advance your leadership skills by gaining an internationally recognised Coaching qualification and accelerate your role in building and leading a high-performing organization. Participants gain a profound understanding of coaching meta skills, International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies, models and techniques and the ability to practically apply them in order to be positioned to coach leaders and teams across multiple corporate sectors, levels, industries and cultures.

Two Modules of Three Days Each

Module 1: Foundations of Coaching
Module 2: Organisational Coaching

2x90 minute
Web Conference
Oxford, UK
Saudi Arabia (upon request)

*Both modules can be in the same
country or different countries
as per client preference.

Delivered by TranExec
Accredited by
International Coach Federation
Participant Profile
  • Designed for professionals with Management and Leadership experience, or in HR and Learning & Development roles.
  • Internal/independent mentors seeking to extend their existing skillset.
  • Senior Leaders passionate about mentoring and coaching their team.
Benefits to the Leader
  • Extension of existing mentoring skill set.
  • Ability to offer a holistic service to mentees.
  • Lead cross-cultural, diverse or remote teams by setting the appropriate leadership approach in place.
  • Navigate complex work environments while capturing opportunities to add value to your team and organization.
Benefits to the Organization
  • Augment skill sets of existing mentors in an internal mentoring framework.
  • Ability to build an internal mentoring framework with added consultation.
  • Enhance the skills of leaders who are also mentors.

Other Executive Coaching

Exclusive Executive Mentoring
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