Women In Leadership & Organisational Coaching

This program is designed for female leaders charged with influencing their organisations to achieve cultural change and individual transformation as part of the Saudi Vision 2030.

The Women in Leadership and Organisational Coaching Program will provide you with tools, techniques and strategies to promote your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and adaptive capability as a female leader in today’s global, changing and contextual environment.

You will gain knowledge and insights from leading experts in the field of both leadership for women and Organisational Coaching.

This 5-day bespoke program held on the campus of Bath University promises not only to be both an explorative and exploitative journey of what it takes to be a highly effective, engaging and influencing female leader but incorporates the ability and nous to apply the learnings.

Five Days
Bath, UK
Delivered by University of Bath
& TranExec
Participant Profile
  • Emerging women leaders from all industries.
  • 3 or more year's of experience.
Benefits to the Leaders
  • Access to learning from a leading global faculty in a top 10 Universities in UK.
  • Ground breaking research and evidence applied to practical problem based learning.
  • Tools, methodologies and techniques for immediate implementation in leadership and coaching skills.
  • An experiential immersive environment with expert supervision to fast track learning and understanding.
  • An experiential immersive environment with expert supervision to fast track learning and understanding.
  • Lastly you will gain the advantage of enhancing your tacit knowledge with additonal layers of information and superior content to actively create the path of confidence, success and achievement for you and your organisation.
Benefits to the Organization
  • Cascade learning throughout the wider organization.
  • Transform organizational culture.
  • Introduce key material and techniques to enhance organizational impact.
  • Elevated engagement and retention through more effective leadership.
  • Enhance roll of women leaders in the organisation.

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